Commercial & Residential Property Management

We provide the following services in our day-to-day operations

Mountain City Commercial offers a wide range of services for our clients. We recognize that in the world of real estate services, we must be able to aid our clients in every aspect of property management. For this reason, we’ve specialized in a number of services designed to help our clients maximize the benefits of property ownership without the difficulty of management.

Everyday we help property owners just like you maintain and manage their properties, thus releasing them from the day-to-day tedium. Select from any of the services below to learn more.

Rental Income Control

  • Market analysis for optimum rent
  • Itemized monthly statement to tenants
  • Three-day notices and late fees for late rents
  • Unlawful detainers (evictions)
  • Review all existing rental agreements and abstract pertinent information

Computerized Accounting Functions

  • Monthly cash flow statements
  • Year-end 1099 statements for tax purposes
  • Annual budgeting
  • Will pay if authorized: mortgages, insurance, taxes, security services, and licenses.

Leasing of Vacant Properties

  • website listing of available units
  • professional leasing agents
  • tracking of all marketing calls and showing of property
  • professional “on property” signs

Careful Tenant Screening

  • Thorough application processing
  • Tenant history confirmation
  • Credit Bureau computer access
  • unlawful detainer (eviction) history check
  • criminal record check

Tenant Retention

  • Individual attention for tenants
  • Responsive to tenant concern

Effective Maintenance

  • Low cost competitive bidding
  • High quality maintenance with management follow-up
  • Timely response to maintenance problems from experienced vendors
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Risk management

Routine Maintenance

  • Move-in/move-out inspections at tenant turnover
  • Regular monthly inspections

Construction Management

  • Bidding process
  • Overseeing construction
  • Regular construction inspections

Property Tax Appeals

  • Analysis of property
  • Submit appeals to tax entity
  • Provide support for appeal

Insurance Management

  • Coverage analysis
  • Policy renewal
  • Claim management